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When just one blog won't cut it.

Daily photo blog

A simple concept, each day I take a photo and post it with a small caption about my day. With over 2,800 posts, that’s over 7 and a half years of my life documented in small snapshots.

Link to Steph Jones' daily blog. Steph stands on a sand dune with a bright yellow rain coat on, looking chilly yet happy.
Blowing off the cobwebs on 30th November 2020

Jonesing for an Idea

A place to ramble, talk about my work, ideas and additional photos I've taken. Sometimes I post a lot, othertimes less so, but it's a good place to see my workings out on some projects and thought processes, like my Animated Alphabet.

Link to Steph Jones' work blog. Image shows six stages of animation showing Bees flying in to form the shape of the letter B
Showing the stages of the letter B in my Animated Alphbet