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A little bit more about me.

I'm Steph, a London-based, cheesy grinned* designer with 9 years of experience ranging from 20 person start-ups to global agencies. I love problem solving – making life easier and aestheically pleasing for the users of the products and brands that I work with.

My ethos is that websites and apps shouldn't be a chore to navigate and understand, whatever your ability. Where I'm able, I make sure all my work is assessible and inclusive to everyone, believing it's the least we as designers can do for society.

Outside of design, I love reading, running and drinking red wine. However, I'm also keen on switching these up - last month it was walking, sewing and drinking gin.

I really enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. So if you just want to say hi, or have a lesson to teach me (in the non-punching variety preferrably) then I'm all ears. So please, tweet me, email me, phone me (don't do that) and let's chat.

*Cheesy grin proof below...

A close up photo of the lower half of Steph Jones' face with a large smiling grin
Figure A. Cheesy grin.