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Bespoke Email Design for Channel 4

A series of unique campaigns for Channel 4 to highlight the kick off of numerious programs on All 4. Each of these emails pushed the boundries of what we can do within email design. From content that changed once the email had been delivered, to an in-email quiz that had four stages within the email platform itself.

Channel 4 was a wonderful chance to get creative and really expand on the possibilities of email design, whilst remaining accessible for all audiences and email clients.

Large images from the series Fargo on a black background, with the copy 'Fargo is Back'
Fargo's large, simple and bold creative was a huge sucess to get users clicking into the content
Large image of the main star from Electric Dreams, with the copy 'Philip K Dick's Electric dreams'
Electric Dreams used a series of interchanging images to create the feeling of 'true video' within the email
An email showing a countdown timer, with a large image of a footballer. EUFA Woman's Euro 2017
A live text based countdown timer and content that changed depending whether the email was opened pre, during, or post match to make sure copy was never out of context
An email opening with a picture of a couple, asking the user 'Are you a lover or a hater' as a valentines Day quiz follows
An in-email quiz with four questions leading to one of twelve different results for the user, each with matching content to watch on the All 4 platform